Mountain Moxie Wrap Up for the 2014 Season

It was mid-November and the women astride bikes in the driveway formed a perfect V shape, symbolically aligned with the flocks of geese heading south overhead.

It was a pre-ride before the end-of-the-season Mountain Moxie team potluck. Winter boots and neck-warmers were buffers against the barely-above freezing temperatures as the women spun into the snow-dusted woods. Chatter could be heard along the switchbacks as connections were made about the past season’s riding and racing experiences.

As always, the potluck provided a great opportunity to reflect on the year – from individual accomplishments to collective efforts that advanced the Moxie mission. There was plenty of fodder. Vermont’s mountain bike season gets longer every year because of bike technology, trail maintenance and rider tenacity.

2014 began with a series of winter bike events hosted by Onion River Sports that were also fundraisers for the Moxie Sparks program, a girls mentoring partnership between Mountain Moxie, Little Bellas, Catamount Outdoor Center and the Stride Foundation.

Races and charity events throughout the spring, summer and fall provided plenty of opportunities for the 21 women that made up Moxie this year to test their mettle, as well as offer encouragement to friends and girls to toe the start line for the first time.

The ear-to-ear grins on the faces of Moxie Sparks’, Shayla and Ava, after their first mountain bike race at the Catamount Outdoor Center was testament enough to the value of well-organized races and mentoring support. The Sparks program, which gave four girls the opportunity to mountain bike this summer, would not have been possible without the following business sponsors – Onion River Sports, Skirack, Bicycle Express and The Cycling Doctor – as well as a grant from the Eastern Outdoor Retailers Association.

The widely-recognized raspberry jersey was raced at events like the Whiteface 100, Rangeley Lakes 100K, 12 Hours of Millstone and Millstone Grind, Vermont 50, Vermont’s Race to the Top, both the Root 66 and EFTA Series, Windham World Cup and USA National Championships. Racing was still in full swing in the fall with the Enduro events – including the POC and Triple Crown Series – and Cyclocross events across New England.

Beyond racing, Moxies found plenty of play on the well-built trail networks around the state (thanks to amazing trail clubs and volunteers), participating in VMBA’s bike festival, and a number of charity events including the Kellogg Hubbard Century Ride and the CircumBurke. Moxie hosted a women’s weekend of riding and learning, including a 5-hour Kingdom Trails ride, Enduro clinic with Sue Clifford at the Burke Bike Park and an evening around the campfire at the Kingdon Hostel.

Even off the bike, Moxies showed up and made a difference, contributing to local trail work projects, leading women’s trail rides for Fellowship of the Wheel, promoting the film screening, Half the Road that featured women’s professional cycling, instructing a women’s bike maintenance clinic at Onion River Sports, co-sponsoring Women’s Bike Night at Skirack, and volunteering for MAMBA’s “Bring a Kid Mountain Biking Program.”

After all that, Moxies still made the time to ride together, with family members, dogs, or solo. Because riding a bike offers so much, that there is an opportunity every day to seek something new, different or beyond ourselves. However, we have to make it happen and have the support in our community to reach our ambitions.

We are grateful to all those that provide support to Vermont’s women and girls who both gain and give something from riding mountain bikes. Tell us how we can pay it forward.

And, if you are a female itching to race and ride with us next year, check back in early 2015 for membership information.

Don’t miss the photos and testimonials highlighting the year on the Moxie Facebook page, and like us to keep in touch!

Mountain Moxie is gearing up for the 2014 season

The enthusiasm was high and the food was good at the recent spring team meeting for Mountain Moxie, as 21 women look forward to the 2014 mountain biking season. More details forthcoming on activities like the Sparks girls mentoring program, but see team members and business sponsors below.

Visit the race, event and ride calendar on this website or like Moxie’s Facebook page to see photos and follow happenings and how to get involved in the team’s pursuit of its mission: Striving to increase participation by women and girls in the sport of mountain biking through riding, training, racing and giving back to the community.

Business and organizational sponsors of the Moxie Sparks girls mentoring program include Onion River Sports, Skirack, Bicycle Express, The Cycling Doctor/Vermont Pain Relief, Catamount Outdoor Center, Little Bellas, Stride Foundation and the Eastern Outdoors Reps Association.

The team members for 2014 include:

Heather Voisin
Clarissa Finks
Trish Dwyer
Gretchen Stokes
Bea Grause
Vanessa Emery
Julie Pritchard
Liza Walker
Amelia Leme
Jill Olson
Rachel Wood
Elizabeth Fuccillo
Kathy Haskell
Barb Patterson
Kelly Ault.
Catherine McIntyre
Andrea Wright
Jane Lazorchak
Laury Saligman
Joanie Kavanough
Lili Bischof

Moxie Membership for the 2014 Season

Planning on racing at least twice this coming season? Looking for female camaraderie on the trails and start line? Want to mentor girls in the mountain biking experience? Consider joining Mountain Moxie for the 2014 season.

Membership is now open and capped at 25 women. Click here to review the membership form which has all the details. If it is for you, fill it out!

Contact Barb Patterson 802-498-8389; with questions.

Wrapping up the 2013 Season

As Mountain Moxie attempted to wrap up the 2013 biking season, it became apparent that there was no true end. Even at the late November end-of-the-season Moxie potluck, conversation oscillated between antidotes of recent rides to upcoming weekend riding plans.

Whether it was the exceptionally dry spring, summer (except for June) and fall that had trails open from late March to hunting season, or it was the single track fever stemming from Vermont’s burgeoning and addictive trail networks (thank you trail clubs and trail builders!), Moxies simply refuse to hang up their bikes.

And once the snow falls, the growing winter biking scene will be another reason to keep riding. Trail networks pledge to groom for snow bike traffic and a second year of Frozen Onion races by Onion River Sports will soon be on the calendar.

It’s still a good time to reflect on the Moxie experience by its 19 team members, who made an impression on Vermont’s race scene and mountain biking community in 2013.

Make sure to check out the photo gallery on Moxie’s Facebook page and like the page so you can follow updates into 2014!

Racing in Raspberry

There were no shortage of opportunities to race this year because of Vermont’s dedicated and talented race directors and their reputation for providing local food, flowy trails and good competition. Both the Catamount Outdoor Center and Onion River Sports (at Millstone) held weekday training races, that brought out racers of all ages and abilities. Classic events like the Millstone Grind by Bicycle Express and the Vermont 50 brought many Moxies to the race line. The Root 66 series (Jill and Chris have endurance with 14 races to run!) had Moxies racing against women from around New England. The 12 Hours of Millstone was a hang-out fest. The Catamount Pro XTC’s first year had Olympian Lea Davidson racing on her hometown course (she frequently returned from World Cup racing to join a Little Bellas session or race against the locals on Wednesdays). Moxies traveled to Bear Creek, PA, to compete in the USA Cycling Championships and challenged themselves on the enduro race scene at the Burke Mountain Bike Park, Highland Mountain and the Shaw Outdoor Center (Green Mountain Enduro hosted by Onion River Sports). We can’t forget about Singlespeed and Cyclocross events, too!

Although the mission of Moxie is about more than performance (click here to read the Moxie mission statement), team members raced in well over 70 events this year with an impressive 37 podium finishes (1st, 2nd & 3rd). Additionally, Moxies participated in many charity events (like ORS’ Onion River Century raising funds for the Kellogg Hubbard Library and ORS’ Charity Miles raising funds for the Vermont Food Bank) and community rides (like the Gravel Grinder, Tour de Valley, Leaf Blower, NEMBAfest and VMBAfest). They led ladies fix it nights at Onion River Sports and a women’s night at SkiRack (with Little Bellas). Additionally, Moxies volunteered for local trail clubs and other efforts that invest in Vermont’s vibrant mountain bike community, economy and culture.

Moxie’s sphere of influence spread beyond the Green Mountain State, too, with three Moxie’s moving and making a difference in Colorado and North Carolina.

Moxie Sparks

One of the highlights of the year was the Moxie Sparks program. A partnership between Mountain Moxie, Little Bellas, the Stride Foundation and the Catamount Outdoor Center supported girls from Williston Elementary School in experiencing mountain biking and racing in a supportive environment. The girls participated in the Little Bellas program on Sunday and rode (and sometimes raced!) with Moxie mentors on Wednesdays. Says Vanessa Emery:

“One of my favorite parts of being on the Moxie team is our partnership with the Little Bellas. I feel grateful to ride with younger girls who remind me each Sunday of the many gifts of mountain biking- strength, camaraderie, gracefulness, and love of the outdoors to name a few. I don’t think I ever would have acknowledged and reflected on these gifts without experiencing them through the community of the Little Bellas and the Moxie Sparks. Now when I race I think of these girls who need strong, sassy role models to try things that are hard, and it pushes me a little further…”

The Sparks program was  funded by the generosity of the following businesses: Onion River Sports/Muscles Not Motors, SkiRack, Vermont Edible Landscapes, Vermont Natural Resources Council, and PAR Springer-Miller Systems.

A few additional business sponsors made a difference in the Moxie racing experience this year. Bicycle Express in Northfield provided a Kona bike sponsorship to team members. ORS and SkiRack supported members with Specialized bikes and Juli Furtado (yes, that Juli) sponsored Moxie with Santa Cruz’s 2014 Julianna line. The Confluence Fitness Center in Berlin supported indoor cycling and Crossfit classes so Moxies could come out strong in the spring. And, Johannes Otter provided an awesome massage for racers at the 12 Hours of Millstone!

Looking ahead to 2014

Although Moxie members are still scheming the next trail ride, we want to send a huge thank you to everyone who supported Moxie in 2013, including business sponsors and organizational partners, girls and mentors of Sparks and Little Bellas, trail clubs (local and VMBA, Vermont Mountain Bike Association), talented trail builders and race directors, community bike shops and, of course, our families and fellow riders (men, women and kids) who shared our joy, deep in the woods.

Interested in joining Moxie in 2014? Check back on January 15th for membership information. We’d love to ride with you!

Interested in sponsoring Moxie in 2014? Contact Kelly Ault at to discuss.

2013 Race Season is Underway

The Moxie team is an enthusiastic group of women this year and the season is off and running! We are 15 members strong, coming from central and northern Vermont. Our race schedules are taking us from Cross Country Nationals in Pennsylvania, to the Pro XCT in our backyards at Catamount in Williston, to the classic Vermont 50 in Ascutney and the Eastern States Cup Enduro Series across New England. We have doubled the Moxie Spark program this year, providing scholarships and mentoring on mountain bikes to four middle school girls. A huge thank you to our 2013 sponsors for supporting the Moxie team and the Spark scholarships. Look out for our new kit colors for the season!

Wrapping up the Season – Successful in 2012

Our second season has wound down and the Mountain Moxie race team is pleased to share with you all the good stuff we have been doing on the trails and in the mountain bike community in 2012.

Read our team Newsletter here.

Our 23-member team competed in over 30 races and rides across New England and even as far as Idaho, North Carolina and South Africa. Moxies took home an incredible 26 podium finishes in the team’s second year, raising $1,150 for the Podium Fund, which supports Moxie Sparks.

A huge thank you to our major sponsors: Sugarbush Resort, Onion River Sports / Muscles Not Motors, Skirack, VNRC and the Confluence. We’d also like to thank our contributing sponsors who also helped to make the 2012 a success: Bike 29, Johannes Otter Massage, Osprey Packs, and Patagonia.

Moxie Sparks is a mentoring program for at-risk girls that we started this year in partnership with Stride Foundation and Little Bellas. In our inaugural year, we mentored two elementary school girls. The program was a huge success.  Shayla and Jesslyn plan to participate next year, and we plan to build on our success and expand the program.

Enjoy our Mountain Moxie Team Newsletter that features highlights from the 2012 season. We’ll see you on the trail!

Mountain Moxie and Moxie Sparks 2012

The buttery trails of Vermont’s early spring have provided both a reunion and a meeting point for the 24 members of Mountain Moxie’s 2012 team. Vermont’s women’s mountain bike race team was formed last year around a mission of increasing participation by women and girls in the sport of mountain biking through direct support for riding, training and racing.

In addition to planning a series of women’s technical clinics, setting race schedules and finding camaraderie and striving for smooth skills in the woods, the team has focused its community involvement efforts on Vermont’s youth. A collaboration between Little Bellas and the Stride Foundation led to the creation of Moxie Sparks, a mountain bike mentoring program for young girls. This summer, these partners will support three six graders from Williston in experiencing mountain biking – from gearing up to enabling technical skills and personal empowerment, as well as whetting their whistle for the race start (and finish) line.

Four businesses – including Sugarbush, Onion River Sports/Muscles Not Motors, Skirack and the Vermont Natural Resources Council – have make Moxie Sparks possible through a sponsorship package, which includes podium incentives for Mountain Moxie members. In addition to racing fast to raise money, Moxies will also mentor these girls, meeting them over eight weeks to ride or race alongside them at the Catamount Outdoor Center.

Visit the site for upcoming details and friend the Moxie Facebook page so you’ll see photos and updates.

See you on the trail!

Mountain Moxie End-of-Season Report 2011

Last winter, 25 women from northern and central Vermont came together to form Mountain Moxie, a new women’s mountain bike race team with a broad mission to:

  • Learn about ourselves and our environment through the pursuit of sport;
  • Find camaraderie around and direct support for riding, training and racing;
  • Support women’s access to and participation in the sport of mountain biking; and,
  • Hone technical skills, race well and contribute to the greater mountain bike community.

These women lived up to name and mission by exhibiting moxie on the trail and in the community.

  • In the spring, 20 team members honed mechanical and technical skills in clinics at Coyote Hill, the Catamount Outdoor Center (through Little Bella’s) and Sugarbush’s Adventure Center.
  • In the summer and fall, team members raced both near and far over 40 times from the XC Ultimate in Quebec to the BC Bike Race in Whistler, as well as at local favorites like the Millstone Grind and the Vermont 50.

Moxies completed 6, 12 and 24 hour races; multi-day stage and 100 mile races; as well as hill climb, cyclocross, and downhill races. They raced Wednesday nights at the Catamount Outdoor Center with their kids. They were visible at local charity events, from the Gravel Grinder to the Tour de Valley, Leaf Blower and CircumBurke. The blue jersey even graced a circumnavigation of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France.

Part of the experience for these women went well beyond peer support for racing and riding regularly.  Community encouragement for women’s success in getting to the start line and through the finish line was also key.

Playing a lead role in this achievement were the team’s lead sponsors: Onion River Sports, ISIS for Women, The Confluence Community Fitness Center, Terry Bicycles, Darn Tough, and Osprey Packs. Other sponsors were Five Hills Bikes, Magic Wheel Community Bike Center, Complexions and Johannes Otter Massage.

Moxies also gave back to the community. The team made a financial donation to Little Bella’s to support the organization’s work in empowering girls to experience the sport of mountain biking. When not on their bikes, team members served on the Boards of trail clubs or recreation organizations, wielded tools on workdays, raised money for causes or volunteered at local events.

In November, the team gathered to wrap up the 2011 season and discuss new ideas for the coming year.  Team membership will be finalized on January 15, 2012.